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"...there is no beginning and no end.
It is a circle that goes unbroken,
except by the One who owns me."

A slave is one who gives herself to her Master. She reportedly gives all that she is, though I tend to think this is a 'misnomer'. She can give her heart, her body, and even some of her soul......but she cannot
deny her feelings, her needs and her personality. She must be strong in who she order to let go of the walls that keep her bound to herself. In so doing, she can bond to another, a source of strength, trust, and integrity.


A slave serves in many ways, depending on the needs, desires and pleasures of her Master. She may serve by licking the boots that cover His feet, or by kneeling with her head in His lap. It is possible that she could serve by giving Him advice, if He seeks it, or by offering Him a drink to quench His thirst.

Serving can be sexual, such as, offering her ass for His pleasure.....

Serving can be non-sexual, as in, offering her body for His footstool.

Serving can be physical, her body used as a canvas, for His whips, His tongue, His hands....

Serving can be mental....her mind opening to Him with things he does not know....advising Him about children, about women, about money,
about anything He desires.

Serving can be emotional.....her heart bound to Him, for so long as it
pleases Him.

Her calmness a beacon, to His confusion...

Serving can be spiritual as she kneels at His feet, peering into His eyes, her own open, allowing their spirits to unite.

My Slavitude

My slavitude includes all of this and more. It is a never ending process of growth, learning, pleasure, pain, joy and sorrow. It is a journey with no destination, only rest areas, to see how far I have come, and to explore the beauty of myself, my Master and the bonds between us. It is struggling to do what pleases Him, setting aside my wants, and focusing on His pleasure, knowing that in turn, He will nurture, protect, guide, teach and care for me. There cannot be a giving, without a taking. I give, He takes. And in return, he gives back. Two people, the same and yet different. Apples and oranges....both fruit, and yet not the same.

Physically and sexually, there are a few ways in which I would never serve. They are based upon my life, my morals and my values. The reasons for these choices are my own and are personal to me. If asked, I will speak of them.

Non-sexually, I am limited only by my flexibility, and my Master's creativity.

Emotionally, my servitude is endless.

Mentally, there are few boundaries, except those of brainwashing, etc, which should never be a part of BDSM anyway.

Spiritually, there is no beginning and no end. It is a circle that goes unbroken, except by the One who owns me.

1999 indigo

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